Journal International Experience GmbH
Custom built, web-based solution for optimised offer management


The background

As an international publishing house, Journal International Experience GmbH manages and publishes B2C and B2B marketing and customer magazines – online and offline – of well-known brands. An important element within the magazines are the special offers which are available to the readers. To facilitate this, a huge number of international partners and their related offers need to be centrally managed and evaluated by Journal International Experience GmbH.

With the growth of publications and related offers, the day-to-day handling and administration posed an ever increasing challenge. It became clear that an efficient management tool was needed and that the requirements for this were so specific, that only a custom-built solution would be suitable.

custom built online platform

The requirements

bubblebridge’s task was the development of a user friendly, web-based system which could record all offer details, as well as displaying the life cycle of each individual offer. In addition, the system was to automate the entire communication process with the external partners, in multiple languages. Email send outs, the automated generation of landing pages, as well as integrated questionnaire functionalities rounded off the required partner communication package. In order to not only maintain a comprehensive overview, but also to facilitate ongoing optimisation, it was also important to ensure a full reporting of all offers. Flexible access to various reports, was vital in order to be able to assess the offers both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

user interface design

The results

bubblebridge planned and developed a web based platform that would give the various user groups within Journal International Experience GmbH the possibility to manage all offers, according to their relevant user requirements. In close collaboration with JI, bubblebridge was able to determine all system requirements and to develop the comprehensive technical and functional specifications on which basis the development was implemented. Using SCRUM methodology, the system was efficiently developed, tested and deployed. The result was a user friendly system, which, despite the complexity, reduced the offer administration to a minimum.

„The development of this offer tool was business critical for our company. bubblebridge has helped with their proactive approach, to formulate the complex requirements, which they then implemented in a very target-oriented manner. Everybody familiar with the scope of this project, was aware of the level of technical professionalism required - we, and especially our order management team, are extremely happy with the result.“